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For M. forever ago.
Questo disco è stato scritto tra il 2012 e il 2014, solo ora sono riuscito a registrarlo e pubblicarlo (29 maggio 2017).


released November 29, 2014

Paradiso Gilioli: Pianofote in "Silent"
Stefano: tutto il resto.
Registrato e mixato in casa.
Grazie a Filippo per avermi prestato il banjo!



all rights reserved


bkpr Cremona, Italy

Autore, cantante, produttore.
Folk-pop, slowcore, folk acustico, quello che mi passa per la testa.
bkpr si pronuncia come "beekeeper".
Songwriter, singer, producer.
Folk-pop, slowcore, acoustic folk, whatever crosses my mind.
bkpr is pronounced like "beekeeper".
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Track Name: Southwest
There’s a world inside my head
There’s a town under the sky
Smell of smoke filling the air
Memories in my mind.

Nothing’s more future than past
When the day has gone I see
Everything I lost comes back
Rushing through the strings.

Stars on the road
And Converse and dreams
Letters and words
The light on the southwest.
Track Name: Smoke
Do you remember that August night?
When every color was so bright
And we were lying in the grass
Cigarette smoke from your mouth.

Do you remember crickets singing?
In the evening breeze I was cold
Then you held me strong.

Do you remember that August Moon?
It was a spotlight upon us
Romeo in denim and Juliet
When the whole life was our play.

And my words unspoken, your kiss on my neck
I still hear the music, the sound of your breath
Soaring with you, weightless.
Track Name: TackK
Those nights
Shining in your eyes
A light
Crescent moon on a plain.

And I lost all my fears
You healed me.

Your hands
Tangled up in mine
The road
Kept our secrets safe.

You picked my feathers up
You saved me.

Oh how I wish
The car broke down
To have stayed with you a little more.
Track Name: Moonlit
Sleep, sleep ‘till the light
On the seat, by my side
Nothing’s gonna reach
Your beautiful eyes.

Far as we can go
Things that you dream of
I’ll show you the Moon
Can fit in your palm.

A thousand miles from your little town
You drive my soul over human sights.

Traveling empty roads
Towards oceans of stars
Your pale moonlit lips
Make me feel like home.

Your jaded eyes saw too many wars
No fairytale life is but a ride.

As long as we breathe
As long as you and me
Live each other’s nights
We won’t have to fear.

Sleep well ‘till the light.
Track Name: Blu
Non c’eri
Non c’eri più.
Sigarette blu.

Nelle foto che non sfoglio mai
Resta poco, ma poco che c’è.

Ho colorato le righe di blu
Con una Benson al parco dello skate.

Nel quaderno
Nelle ciglia c’è
Di maggio e di te.

Come sogni lasciati a metà
Vetri rotti in strada alle tre.

E bruciava nel mio petto la
Forza di un imminente addio.
Track Name: Haiku
Io ti sfioravo
E i tuoi nei formavano
Track Name: Nótt
Dear, I've been down
But you’ve always been there
But you’ve always been true

Come once again
Come to take my hand
And feel how my heartbeat
Calms down.

Come embrace me, so strong but so tender
In front of me the black shining vastness
Vastness in your eyes.

No one's awake
And music from TV
I’m sitting by the door

A gentle breeze
A caress on my hair
I’m better when you are
With me.

You see my soul just the way I feel yours
You're the shelter when my storms are raging
Married in the dark.
Track Name: Silent
Like a roof, shelter in your sleep
A secret told in your ear to keep
When you feel ignored
My voice is a silent voice.

If I could, I would hold you tight
Don’t you fear, I am by your side
When you think you’re lost
My love is a silent love.

The touch you don’t feel
Leaves the deepest mark
I hope you will learn
To see.

I wish my words could leave my lips
Please accept the few I have to give
In time I will show
My love is a silent love.

The voice you can’t hear
Will relieve the pain
In time you will learn
To see.

The touch you don’t feel
Leaves the deepest mark
I hope you will learn
To see.
Track Name: Pleiades
Lying in the smoke
Down on warm concrete
We talked about them all
We talked about our dreams.

Hoping, praying, flying, breathing.

Poetry in the night
Echo in the universe
Paper in my mouth
Words stuck in my throat.

Hoping, praying, flying, breathing.

May we see shining
The Pleiades on us
May we run for miles
Dance in gas stations
May we look up sometimes
May we see different skies.